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Legal Malpractice Claims

Lawyer malpractice is no different than any other form of malpractice: it is actionable. However, it may more difficult to prosecute a lawyer malpractice lawsuit than other types of cases. If the value of the damages is significant or the conduct particularly outrageous, we will review your case. A typical error made by lawyers can be failure to file a lawsuit on time, resulting in the client's case being dismissed.

Examples of possible legal malpractice could involve:
improper sexual relations with client;
conflict of interest with client;
inadequate or negligent representation resulting in financial losses;
lying to client on a material matter which results in economic damage to the client;
criminal conduct such as fraud, perjury or misappropriation of client funds.

We are willing to review cases of attorney negligence in any area of the law where the economic damage exceeds $150,000. To find out if you have a legal malpractice claim please fill out our "free case evaluation" form.

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