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Clergy Sexual Abuse

Free Case EvaluationChild Abuse by Clerics

The criminal conviction of the former priests have prompted numerous civil actions against several Catholic Archdioceses. Over 200 civil lawsuits have already been settled for Millions of dollars. State Attorneys General are now demanding the church to divulge the names of suspected pedophiles. Suits have arisen in Michigan, Massachusetts, California, New Hampshire and many other states. We believe this is just the tip of the iceberg of abuse by priests who have preyed upon innocent children and hidden behind a conspiracy of silence.

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State Statute of Limitations vary. In some states, child victims may bring claims until they are 21 years of age or 3 years after the abuse, whichever is later. In some jurisdictions the statute is shorter. There are important exceptions however that may allow you to enter a claim much later. In some jursidictions, victims of childhood sexual abuse involving the rape of a minor, a criminal charge may be brought as late as fifteen years from the date of the rape. Our attorneys stand ready to represent young victims of clergy abuse.

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